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We have always had a deep passion for organising and planning, and we believe that every event deserves to be exceptional. 

With this in mind, we founded Amaze Productions.

Amaze Productions is all about details and perfection. We are working with industry-leading experts and suppliers and we are working hard to guarantee that your event will be filled with unforgettable and special moments.

Meet The Team


Founder & Event Manager

Jenna believes that small details make big results. Her passion for creating and planning, with her eye for details and styling has made Jenna doing what she is doing today, event planning. She will assist you from the very first step until the closure of your event and she will make sure your dream event come true. ‘Perfection’ has no boundaries for her.


Co-founder & Event Planner

For over 18 years, Arié has worked as an event planner and has created strong relationships with industry-leading suppliers. His creativity has no limits and he has inspiration for events everywhere. Arié loves creating and sharing unique experiences with his clients and he believes every event should be custom-designed and unique.